Project Description

Computer-aided Skin Analysis


Computer-aided Skin Analysis


A Perfect Base for Your Holistic Skin Care

The SkinAlyzermed7 from REVIDERM finds out exactly what your skin is missing and how to improve its condition sustainably. The computer-aided skin analysis measures and documents every part of your skin. In colour images, the device’s camera shows you all anomalies – and thus deviations from healthy and beautiful skin. Your skin will be analyzed in the following categories:

  • Elasticity: measures the biological age of your skin and what anti-aging treatments work for you

  • Melanin/Reddness: determines how sensitive your skin is to sunlight and recommends the ideal SPF

  • Moisture: analyzes your skin’s state of tension and barrier

  • Sebum: The analyzer’s camera shows whether your skin is oily, dry or normal

  • Pigmented spots: The camera reveals pigmentation shifts at an early stage

  • Pores: The skin analysis will show exactly how your skin improves and refines

  • Wrinkles: The analyzer provides results on number and size of wrinkles. Based on the results we can determine together your care goals and treatment needs

Based on these results, we optimally tailor all treatment and care concepts to your skin – for outstanding results in your medical skin care.

With SkinAlyzermed7, you can check your skin at any time and compare its condition: The computer-aided skin analysis registers every slight change. This allows you to see exactly how your skin improves with each treatment – for measurable and verifiable results.

We can help you achieve a youthful, radiant new look.