Project Description

Chemical Peeling


Chemical Peeling


Improve Pigment Disorders and Skin Impurities

A look into the mirror often reveals large-pored, greasy, shiny skin, with increasing age also pigment spots, laughter lines and wrinkles. A fruit acid peeling alleviates these skin problems. The skin appears fresher, cleaner and more even.

A chemical peeling is superficial, the acid only penetrates into the upper horny layer of the skin. Whilst low concentrated chemical peelings can be purchased at the drugstore for use at home, I am using highly concentrated peelings that may only be performed by a doctor.

Chemical peelings usually contain glycolic acid, which is obtained from unripe grapes or sugar cane. The acid penetrates into the horny layer of the skin and dissolves the dead horny flakes. This becomes visible in the first two days after the treatment, when the outer layer of the skin peels off.

The peeling also stimulates cell division so that more new cells are formed. These thicken the epidermis and improve the skin’s ability to store moisture. As a result the skin appears firmer and smoother.

Before your first peeling session we have to prepare your skin some two weeks in advance. I will provide you with a low-dose acid cream for this purpose, which you apply to your facial skin every one to two days. This allows the skin to slowly get used to the active ingredient before it is applied in a highly concentrated form in my office in Munich.

For best results, the treatment usually requires several sessions, during which the exposure time of the acid gel is constantly increased. The aim is to slowly accustom the skin to the active ingredient in order to avoid excessive irritation. After each session, I neutralise the acid and remove it from the skin. In the case of an acne problem, an acne treatment is recommended afterwards; the removal of blackheads is easier due to the wide open pores than with untreated skin.

I can help you achieve a youthful, radiant new look.