Expert Care

Together we are able to provide the best in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine and cosmetical skin care to our clients in Munich

In our practice in Munich we are 100% focussed on cosmetical skin care and minimally-invasive aesthetic medicine. This allows us to offer our clients:

  • Flexible arrangement of appointments (in urgent cases also on Sundays and public holidays)

  • Expert knowledge and continuously growing experience

  • Ample time for each and every patient

  • A relaxing and discrete atmosphere in a stylish and comfortable setting


We have individually come a long way before we joined forces in Munich. But now it’s done, LIPS and SKIN Aesthetic Medicine is your one-stop shop for top-of-the range cosmetical skin care and non-surgical anti aging therapy

Dr. med. Eva Maria Strobl
Dr. med. Eva Maria Strobl
Eva (age 51) is a Vienna University trained doctor of medicine. After her graduation in 1995 she worked several years in anaesthesiology and emergency care before taking a break of several years to found a family and focus on her kids. In 2010 she received her first treatment with dermafillers and was so impressed with the result, that she decided to devote her professional career to non-surgical aesthetic medicine. From 2011 onwards she took a series of training courses covering a broad range of treatments such as dermafillers, botox, PDO thread lift, PRP-vampire lift, liquid face lift, MD medical codes or non-surgical fat removal. In 2016, after relocating to Munich with her husband and her children, she founded LIPS and SKIN Aesthetic Medicine. In 2017, she opened her new office near Bavaria (Oktoberfest), together with Ewa Jürgens and her REVIDERM Cosmetics Studio Munich.
Ewa Jürgens
Ewa Jürgens
For more than 15 years, Ewa Jürgens (age 37) has been taking great care of her customers from all over Germany under her brand “Medicalbeauty Jürgens”. Always observing her motto “Healthy skin is beautiful skin”. Ultrasound treatment, microdermabrasion or microneedling are high performance tools that she relies on in her cosmetic anti-aging treatments. For more than 10 years she has been collaborating with German cosmetics brand REVIDERM. Using the firms range of indication-specific products, Ewa develops personalized skin care plans for her customers, always taking into account age, season of the year and skin condition. In 2017 she set up her new REVIDERM cosmetics studio Munich in the offices of LIPS and SKIN.


“Dr. Eva Strobl is a wonderful and sensitive doctor. She works very professionally. Her practice rooms are lovingly furnished with an eye for detail. I am enthusiastic and can recommend Eva 100 percent.”

ANJA BOTZEN, via Facebook

“Who ever has to do a little maintenance, I can highly recommend Eva. What I like very much, besides the great treatment, Eva takes her time. A feeling of fast in and out doesn’t come up and you feel very welcome.”

KATRIN RULAND, via Facebook

“Eva is a very competent and sensitive doctor. She works very carefully and the results are incredibly natural! The practice rooms are very stylishly furnished and one feels like at home. I can only congratulate Eva on her new practice and recommend her 100%!”

DANIELA FRANZ, via Facebook

“Best Experience. I am very satisfied. Appearance and facial expressions have remained very natural, although the wrinkles on the forehead and lips have been significantly improved!”


We can help you achieve a youthful, radiant new look.